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Viktoriya (Vika) Seredyuk is a psychological safety coach and organizational consultant with experience spanning across academia, corporate executive search, insurance and the legal sector. Based in Chicago, she serves as CEO at Lead with Candor LLC, helping busy professionals at all levels co-create psychologically safer and healthier working relationships by focusing on the power of small changes and actionable, “meet-you-where you're at” strategies.

A student of people since childhood, with a deep curiosity about interpersonal dynamics, Viktoriya has a passion for unlocking the art and science of people skills. She trains executives, managers, and individual contributors how to lead with candor by taking personal responsibility as cultural architects of their workplaces. Emory-educated in psychology, fluent in three languages, and certified in conflict resolution and inclusive leadership, she is uniquely positioned to empower clients with the right strategies and tools for supporting psychological safety, engagement, innovation and wellbeing.

Viktoriya also serves as executive producer and host of the Lead With Candor™ podcast. Learn more at or by following @leadwithcandor on LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram.

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Fika is Swedish for a coffee ritual — but it’s so much more than that. Fika with Vika™ gives you all the tools to implement fika at your company — and put psychological safety into practice.

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Things that fascinate Vika that she typically does not write about include…


A travel and food enthusiast, Vika is always planning her next adventure (22 countries, and counting!) Growing up, she split her time between Lviv, Ukraine and Göteborg, Sweden, where she learned the art of the fika. In a past life, she was obsessed with winning science fairs and figure skating competitions. She is fond of black cats and is not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes. The more you know.

What’s with the bees?

Vika's spirit animal is the bee. These tiny little miracles of nature can teach us a lot about leadership and they serve as true stewards of our planet. Yet globally, bee populations are declining, due to many factors. Vika cares about the bees, which is why she supports amazing organizations and initiatives that are working to preserve the livelihood of bees while sustaining local communities and ecosystems.

Music is Life.

Vika cannot imagine her life without the melodies that move us. Alternative rock. Soul. Punk Rock. Folk. Classical. K-Pop. EDM. All of it. She believes there’s a song for every mood and season and enjoys an electric karaoke night or moody house jam sessions. When she’s not busy leading with candor, she can be found curating monthly playlists for her family and friends.