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Why Fika with Vika?

One Ritual

Every week, immerse in a transformative ritual, a moment of reflection or action, proven to elevate your leadership, nurture your team’s spirit, and harmonize the workplace.

One Bite

Digest a morsel of wisdom, a thoughtful insight tailored for the complex, dynamic world of HR, employee engagement, and organizational culture.

One Answer

Your queries, the silent wonderings, or the loud dilemmas - addressed. Every issue brings a pragmatic solution, an answer, a new perspective to your most pressing questions.

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The Unfiltered Midweek Oasis


In the heart of the week, when the energy dips and questions rise, Fika with Vika is your sanctuary.

It’s brief, yet profound. Precise, yet expansive. It’s the candid conversation you’ve been craving, the unfiltered discourse that fosters growth, innovation, and connection.

Every edition is an invitation - to pause, reflect, and emerge with revitalized energy, clarity, and actionable strategies to lead with confidence, compassion, and unyielding efficacy.

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You're in Good Company

"Honestly, I'm low-key obsessed with the 'ritual of the week.' It's like a sneak peek into someone else's playbook. Excitedly wondering, 'What can I steal... I mean, adapt for my own sanity?'"

"It's the kind of thing you drop in a meeting to sound profound, and everyone's like, 'Wow, where did you learn that?' Secret's safe with me – it's from Vika."

"Nothing beats the unfiltered, candid discussions. Where else can you vent about that annoying coworker without fear of judgment? Nowhere. That's where."

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